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The goodness of malt, milk, and cocoa enriched with the essential vitamins and minerals* in Nestlé MILO® Powder and Nestlé MILO® Ready To Drink will ensure that your champ is nourished to stay active throughout the day and go further.

*180ml of MILO RTD contains 0.6mg of Vitamin B2 and 0.8mg of Vitamin B6, and 100g of MILO Powder contains 23mg of Iron, 627mg of Phosphorus, 591mg of Calcium, 2.0mg of Vitamin B2, 26.6mg of Niacin B3, 2.3mg of Vitamin B6, 4.2μg of Vitamin B12, 91.1mg of Vitamin C and 7.6μg D of Vitamin D, Vitamin B2, B3, B6, B12, and Iron contribute to your kid's normal energy-yielding metabolism. Calcium and Vitamin D contribute to the maintenance of normal bones, teeth, and muscles.

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