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Milo Online sports clinic

Quenching Your Thirst To Be Active; At Home And On The Field

In the spirit of nourishment to win everyday; the Milo Online Sports Clinic comes equipped with award-winning frontrunners specifically focused to give you the training you need, to reach your absolute potential; in whichever sporting activity you’ve set your heart on.

Serendib intenational Academy coaching

If you’ve always marvelled at the cricketing legends on screen, here’s your chance to learn from them! The Serendib International Cricket Academy brings forth an exhilarating training session online; tailored to your ability and fitness; furthering your knowledge on the sport, both on the field and off.

Ocean academy basketball team

You may have the passion to shoot; but do you have the skills to conquer the court? Award-winning national & club coach- Lionel Gunawardena, together with his Ocean’s 12 Academy, brings forward training in all the essential fundamentals of the game; nurturing your drive to dribble and the skill to score.

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Colombo Sports Academy

Sports do not build character, they reveal it . Reveal yourself by learning from the best.

Colombo Tennis Academy headed by Coach Gana Subramaniam is a pioneering institute for coaching tennis in Sri Lanka , dedicated to developing the students to compete at national and international levels by providing the best training with internationally recognized team of coaches.

List of academy centers

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