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MILO has the goodness of Malt, Milk, Cocoa and is enriched with essential vitamins & minerals.

In a cup of MILO

Total Sugar = 16.3g* (including; Sugar coming from milk, table sugar and malt)
Added Sugar = 5.4 (1 teaspoon)

*When prepared according to the instructions on pack.

To get the perfect cup of MILO®, follow this recommended preparation:

3 teaspoons of MILO® + 2 teaspoons of milk powder + 175ml hot water = your MILO® is ready to be enjoyed!

Ways to Prepare Milo drink

MILO 100g contains: 91.1 mg of Vitamin C, 7.6 µgD of Vitamin D, 4.2 µg of Vitamin B12, 2.3mg of Vitaamin B6, 26.6 mg of Vitamin B3, 2mg of Vitamin B2, 591 mg of Calcium and 23 mg of Iron.

MILO, as a beverage, is a good source of nutrients such as vitamins B2, B3, B6, B12, C & D, calcium, and iron for children. One serving of MILO provides 86kcal if/when reconstituted with water or 163kcal if reconstituted with the full cream milk powder, contributing to meeting 5% or 9% of daily energy need as per the guideline daily amounts (GDA) of energy for children.

In addition, one serving of MILO provides 2.2 g of protein on average if/when reconstituted with water or 5.7g of protein if reconstituted with full cream milk powder, which helps meet 8% or 20% of daily protein requirements as per the guideline daily amounts (GDA) of protein for children. One cup of MILO helps meet 3% or 11% of the guideline daily amount of fat for children if the powder is directly reconstituted in water or reconstituted with the full cream milk powder, respectively.

Further, MILO offers six vitamins (vitamin B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D) and two minerals(calcium, iron) that have a role to play in supporting children's growth & development (covering 15% of NRVs).

Milo is not an energy drink, but it contains a unique combination of vitamins and minerals to efficiently support the energy yielding metabolism. It also contains other nutrients such as carbohydrate to contribute to the energy that your body needs.
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