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Pack MILO® for champions : Lunch ideas for kids

Want to complete your meal with a beverage?

Pair it with MILO® for your Champ

Kid lunch ideas with Milo Milo rtd packet with lunch
Sugar limit per day
suguar limit adult


Maximum 10 teaspoons

children sugar limit


Maximum 8.5 teaspoons

tips sugar needed per day
MILO UHT contains sugar level

MILO UHT contains less than 2 teaspoons of added sugar which is less than 5% per serving.

Recipe ideas

Prepare these simple, nutritious yet appetizing recipes for your child together with MILO® RTD to stay active in school! Try these fun Lunch Box recipes with your child today!

Recipe Name

Tuna Sandwich lunchbox recipe kids

Tuna Sandwich and fresh Cut fruits

Total Calories - 313cal

  • 30g Tuna - 39cal
  • 10g Butter - 71cal
  • 3g Mustard Powder - 15.2cal
  • Salt & pepper
  • 2 bread Slice - 127cal
  • 10g Lettuce - 1.5cal
  • 1 olive (5g) - 7.25cal
  • 2nos Watermelon Slice (50g) - 15cal
  • 2nos Pineapple Slice (50g) - 22.5cal
  • 4nos each Grapes (green & black)(20g) - 13.4cal

Method of preparation

  • Place the tuna, butter and mustard powder in a bowl, mix it well until it’s creamy.
  • Add salt & pepper into the mixture.
  • Spread cream on both slices and cut into triangles.
  • Cut pineapple and watermelon into star shapes and arrange as image.
Buttered Pasta lunchbox recipe kids

Buttered Pasta with Prawns and Eggs

Total Calories - 306.75cal

  • 80g pasta - 119cal
  • 10g Carrot - 3.5cal
  • 10g Leeks - 6.1cal
  • 3nos Prawns (18g) -20.7cal
  • 1nos cherry tomato (5g) -1cal
  • 1/2 Egg (boiled) -77.5cal
  • 10g Butter - 71.7cal
  • 1nos olive(5g) - 7.25cal

Method of preparation

  • Add butter in to a pan then add boiled pasta and stir.
  • Then add in the vegetables and mix it.
  • Add salt and pepper to taste.
  • Finally garnish as the image.
Buttered biscuit lunchbox recipe kids

Buttered Veg & Tuna cream on biscuit

Total Calories - 263cal

  • 30g Tuna - 39cal
  • 10g Butter - 143.4cal
  • 20g Carrot - 7cal
  • 20g Broccoli - 6.8cal
  • 20g Cauliflower - 6.2cal
  • 3nos Cream cracker (small)(27g) - 120cal
  • 1/2 Olive -3.6cal
  • 1/2 Cherry tomato - 0.5cal
  • 3 slice of Orange(20g) - 8.1cal
  • Salt & Pepper

Method of preparation

  • Pre-heat the pan and add butter. Then add boiled vegetables. Toss it for a while, add salt & pepper and season it.
  • Place the tuna, butter and mustard powder in a bowl, mix it well until it’s creamy. Then add salt & pepper into the mixture.
  • Finally arrange as the image.
Polroti Sandwich lunchbox recipe kids

Pol roti chicken & Cheese sandwich

Total Calories - 294.4cal

  • 2nos Pol roti(40g*2) - 240cal
  • 20g boiled Chicken - 22.2cal
  • 1/2 Onion(20g) - 8cal
  • 1nos Green chili (6g) - 3.8cal
  • 2nos Olive -14.5cal
  • Slice of tomato - 2.4cal
  • 10g Lettuce -1.5cal
  • 2nos Cherry tomato - 2cal

Method of preparation

  • Add butter into a pan and add onion and green chilli, sauté it for a while.
  • Include boiled chicken, salt & pepper and mix it.
  • Make the sandwich with pol roti using the filling.
  • Garnish as the Image.
Milk Rice fruits lunchbox recipe kids

Milk Rice and fresh Cut fruits

Total Calories - 163.5cal

  • 30g cooked milk rice - 56.9cal
  • 10g Red Lettuce - 1.6cal
  • 1nos watermelon slice(100g) - 30cal
  • 2nos Pineapple Slice (150g) - 75cal

Method of preparation

  • Place the milk rice in a ring shape mold.
  • Add the details to decorate.
  • Include the fruits and garnish as the picture.
Egg bread lunchbox recipe for kids

Egg in the hole with mashed potato duck and cut fruits

Total Calories - 338.7cal

  • 1 egg - 155cal
  • 1 slice of bread - 63.4cal
  • Quarter Red Apple(40g) - 23.6cal
  • Quarter green apple - 20.9cal
  • 5 Black grapes - 10.5cal
  • 1 strawberry (for decoration) - 3.3cal
  • 30g potato - 23.1cal
  • 5g butter - 35.9cal
  • 5ml milk - 3.0cal

Method of preparation

  • To make the mashed potatoes: boil potatoes and mash it. Return the potatoes in pan add butter and mix well. Finally add milk and get smooth consistency.
  • Cut a circle in the middle of the bread slice.
  • Add little butter in to a pan and keep the bread slice in it and pour the egg in to the circle area and fry it.
  • Garnish as the image.
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